Why You Need a Popsocket

why you need a popsocket


Smart Device is being bigger and bigger

Obviously, smart device including cellphone, ipad or e-reading device is much bigger than before. 5” + screen is not that easy for thumb-powered operation. Popsocket is your key. This product aims at offering better grip on your smart device. You can hook popsocket with only two fingers. Easy grip and 100% secure!


Waterproof your phone

how to use popsocket

I was used to bring cellphone or ipad to kitchen(of course, sterilize with alcohol), Learn the recipe step by step. However, it is a serious problem pushing your phone near/on wet surfaces, which could cause phone damaged. Popsocket just solves this product wonderfully. Pop Socket is made of TPU and polyurethane. You can expand airbag to grow your phone taller. Or you can also stick a pop mount on the wall and hang your phone there.


popsocket set

This should be most unique thing compared with other phone holders. The 1.56” diameter of popsocket surface is free for various designs. We can choose the stylish patterns among 2000+ popsockets or just custom popsocket as well. Here we advise you take a look at our popsocket wholesale service on our store, you can buy popsocket bulk with cheap price and match your with your nails or clothes every day.