The Reason I Need a PopSocket

why i need a popsocket

I do really love popsocket. Found this popsocket wholesale store, with such a cheap price. I purchased wholesale 50pcs at once. Wow, fast delivery and all cool designs. I kept some, and split others with my friends. By the way, they all love them as well! Now we are kind of a popsocket team, lol.

Popsocket mainly helps me solve three problems.

#1 grip smartphone much better and take selfie much more easier, I would never need to worry about phone dropping down.

Imagine this: phone slips off hand* texting on the bed* *lands on face*  With a popsocket, this never gonna happen.


#2 wrap earphones,which also is the original intention that David invented popsockets. Not having to pull out all things in my bag just to find my little lipstick. Because earbuds–the chief culprits of bag-mess, has been wrapped around popsocket closely.

phone slips off hand?

3# Needless to say, popsocket helps me operate much more convenient when playing games.