Popsocket + Qi Wireless Charger : Does It Still Work?

popsocket works with Qi wireless charger

Will Qi wireless charger still work with a popsocket sticked on the back of my phone? We often receive emails about such questions. One of our customer wrote: ”I love how my phone feels with a popsocket, popsocket offers enough grip and cool look. Now I want to buy a wireless charger, I was wondering if the charger still work with a popsocket or a phone case?”

Google it and we could find many discussions about this question. However, there seemed to be no clear answer to this problem.

In general, most people believed that a phone case, or a popsocket or the combination of both would be a little thicker to use with a wireless charger. And we could also see the failure cases is much more than success ones online.

Why and how?

Since different QI chargers have different surface distance to charge ratios. You have to find one with the greatest distance for using a pop socket. According to the arriver, phone case and Qi charger should be close enough, and if using popsocket, it is recommended to paste popsocket as  near to the edge of phone case as possible. Which would greatly increases the probability.

Using a Popsocket with a Wireless Charger