Features of Popsocket Phone Grips

Popsocket, a phone holder, a kindle stand, a finger wrap for your smart device and more…
Popsocket comes in a variety of designs and colors and offer a secure grip with high adhesive 3M tape to achieve texting with one hand, snapping better etc.
Following are the features of popsocket, also due to this, popsocket has been the most popular phone grips.
Popsocket phone stand is collapsible. It is designed with two levels of extension on each accordion. You can easily expand popsocket to any direction or height.
Popsocket is made of high quality and nontoxic plastic. Besides, this phone grip is using 3M adhesive, which has strong adhesion, and is easily to stick to most materials.
The adhesive is washable, if you want a used popsocket to rework, just peel off it gently and clean with water, you will get a new popsocket, it is easy!
Needless to say, just tell your own style with custom popsocket right now! We offer custom service to design any style popsockets according to your needs.