What Drives Popsocket to Go Mainstream

Popsocket, defined as a phone holder grip, tablets stand, an ear bud holder, has been slowly and obviously making their way into mainstream culture.

There have been almost million posts on Instagram with keyword popsocket, and the figure is growing. People including many celebrities posted pictures with popsocket on their social account, which would lead the trend further.

In the meanwhile, on the shopping website, for example, amazon.com, popsockets have over thousands of comments with an average score of 4.0. The quality and usage has gained acceptance already.

For my part, People are all interested in my popsocket. I got at least 7 guys talking about my popsocket. They were all interested in the round thing on the back of my phone? When I was fiddle with my phone in the elevator, waiting for my drink in the coffee shop, popsocket always help my create a buzz.

What makes popsockets phone holder so popular? People like to personalize things they own, Popsocket helps achieve it. They have hundreds of designs for people to tell their own style. Sticking a custom popsocket on our device is so cool, you can hardly refuse it, right?