These Cell Phone Accessories That You Must-Have

phone accessories you must have

Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone. With smartphones are replacing more of our daily supplies such as watches, calendars and digital cameras, people spend more than three hours every day using their phones. They surf the social networks, play games, enjoy music or videos. In a word. phone is more than a tool for phone call, it is one of the most important necessities of modern life that we could not live without .

With that it comes with a variety of phone accessories claiming to help use smartphones much more convenient. For example, phone cases, blooth headsets, selfie sticks, phone grips and so on. Accessorizing your phone with these gadgets could not only provides convenience but also makes your phone adds beauty and style. It could be dazzling to choose the high quality ones for yourself. After a lot of research, we make a list of the most popular and essential phone accessories as a reference.

#1: Phone Cases

It seems we have enter the full-screen era of our smart phone. Our mobile device become slimmer and more delicate. A high quality phone case would definitely help your phone from cracking or screen broken. A mobile phone case with funky  or stylish case would also make your phone more visible.

3#  Charge Pal

In fact, cell phone charger would be the NO.1 gadget that I want to suggest. Nobody wants to hit a dead cell phone when they need it the most especially. Like me, I pay with my phone when go out. If I got a shutdown that time, it would be a problem. Therefore, charge pal would be the Every Day Carry especially when you are on a travel.

2#  Phone Grips

Phone grips would help you use your phone much easier. It comes in a variety of designs like popsockets, finger ring holders, and strap holder etc. What I am using is a popsocket, which is a collapsible phone stand to offer a secure grip and allow you to text with single hand.

Where to buy these phone accessories? Here I would recommend you to shop online. With high quality and affordable pricing, many online stores such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and other phone accessory wholesale websites would help you equip  the latest accessories in the market, you can read reviews on their store to learn more.