What Drives Popsocket to Go Mainstream

Popsocket, defined as a phone holder grip, tablets stand, an ear bud holder, has been slowly and obviously making their way into mainstream culture.

There have been almost million posts on Instagram with keyword popsocket, and the figure is growing. People including many celebrities posted pictures with popsocket on their social account, which would lead the trend further.

In the meanwhile, on the shopping website, for example, amazon.com, popsockets have over thousands of comments with an average score of 4.0. The quality and usage has gained acceptance already.

For my part, People are all interested in my popsocket. I got at least 7 guys talking about my popsocket. They were all interested in the round thing on the back of my phone? When I was fiddle with my phone in the elevator, waiting for my drink in the coffee shop, popsocket always help my create a buzz.

What makes popsockets phone holder so popular? People like to personalize things they own, Popsocket helps achieve it. They have hundreds of designs for people to tell their own style. Sticking a custom popsocket on our device is so cool, you can hardly refuse it, right?

Why You Need a Popsocket

why you need a popsocket


Smart Device is being bigger and bigger

Obviously, smart device including cellphone, ipad or e-reading device is much bigger than before. 5” + screen is not that easy for thumb-powered operation. Popsocket is your key. This product aims at offering better grip on your smart device. You can hook popsocket with only two fingers. Easy grip and 100% secure!


Waterproof your phone

how to use popsocket

I was used to bring cellphone or ipad to kitchen(of course, sterilize with alcohol), Learn the recipe step by step. However, it is a serious problem pushing your phone near/on wet surfaces, which could cause phone damaged. Popsocket just solves this product wonderfully. Pop Socket is made of TPU and polyurethane. You can expand airbag to grow your phone taller. Or you can also stick a pop mount on the wall and hang your phone there.


popsocket set

This should be most unique thing compared with other phone holders. The 1.56” diameter of popsocket surface is free for various designs. We can choose the stylish patterns among 2000+ popsockets or just custom popsocket as well. Here we advise you take a look at our popsocket wholesale service on our store, you can buy popsocket bulk with cheap price and match your with your nails or clothes every day.

These Cell Phone Accessories That You Must-Have

phone accessories you must have

Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone. With smartphones are replacing more of our daily supplies such as watches, calendars and digital cameras, people spend more than three hours every day using their phones. They surf the social networks, play games, enjoy music or videos. In a word. phone is more than a tool for phone call, it is one of the most important necessities of modern life that we could not live without .

With that it comes with a variety of phone accessories claiming to help use smartphones much more convenient. For example, phone cases, blooth headsets, selfie sticks, phone grips and so on. Accessorizing your phone with these gadgets could not only provides convenience but also makes your phone adds beauty and style. It could be dazzling to choose the high quality ones for yourself. After a lot of research, we make a list of the most popular and essential phone accessories as a reference.

#1: Phone Cases

It seems we have enter the full-screen era of our smart phone. Our mobile device become slimmer and more delicate. A high quality phone case would definitely help your phone from cracking or screen broken. A mobile phone case with funky  or stylish case would also make your phone more visible.

3#  Charge Pal

In fact, cell phone charger would be the NO.1 gadget that I want to suggest. Nobody wants to hit a dead cell phone when they need it the most especially. Like me, I pay with my phone when go out. If I got a shutdown that time, it would be a problem. Therefore, charge pal would be the Every Day Carry especially when you are on a travel.

2#  Phone Grips

Phone grips would help you use your phone much easier. It comes in a variety of designs like popsockets, finger ring holders, and strap holder etc. What I am using is a popsocket, which is a collapsible phone stand to offer a secure grip and allow you to text with single hand.

Where to buy these phone accessories? Here I would recommend you to shop online. With high quality and affordable pricing, many online stores such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and other phone accessory wholesale websites would help you equip  the latest accessories in the market, you can read reviews on their store to learn more.

Features of Popsocket Phone Grips

Popsocket, a phone holder, a kindle stand, a finger wrap for your smart device and more…
Popsocket comes in a variety of designs and colors and offer a secure grip with high adhesive 3M tape to achieve texting with one hand, snapping better etc.
Following are the features of popsocket, also due to this, popsocket has been the most popular phone grips.
Popsocket phone stand is collapsible. It is designed with two levels of extension on each accordion. You can easily expand popsocket to any direction or height.
Popsocket is made of high quality and nontoxic plastic. Besides, this phone grip is using 3M adhesive, which has strong adhesion, and is easily to stick to most materials.
The adhesive is washable, if you want a used popsocket to rework, just peel off it gently and clean with water, you will get a new popsocket, it is easy!
Needless to say, just tell your own style with custom popsocket right now! We offer custom service to design any style popsockets according to your needs.

Pop Socket: Simple But Life Changing

popsocket wholesale

Have you seen one of those weird circular discs slapped on the back of someone’s phone? It is a popsocket, which has been greatly popular especially with younger groups.

What is it? Popsocket is a kind of phone grip being make of high quality plastic and 3M adhesive. It is a collapsible phone holder & stand that could “pop” out in 2 levels in different height. This allows you watch your favorite video’s hands-free. It also offers a number of different types of grips such as the photo grip, video chat grip, tablet grip and of course texting grip.

It also has cord wrap features which are designed to make your life easier. This product is totally water-proof, you can move it on your kitchen or bathroom

Popsocket with a mount-holder can be used in your bathroom, night tables, kitchen or even attached to a GoPro and used underwater for extra grip.

What is a Pop Socket?


In a short, it is a phone grip & holder that can stick to the back of almost any mobile device such as cell phones, tablets, e-readers to free your hands. Besides, with pop mount clips, you can also get a car-mounted phone or wall-mounted tables to enjoy convenient hands-free viewing.

The expandable and collapsible design of popsocket allows two levels of extension on each accordion in 360 rotation. Find the most comfortable grip for handling your device or use popsockets right now.

Popsocket phone grip is made of high quality silicone and 3M-style adhesives. By printing a variety of fashion patterns, you have a lot more popsockets to choose and match your phones, clothes. Have a fun day!