How to Start a Phone Grip Business


It is no exaggeration to say that the number of mobile devices is far more than the number of people. People usually would replace with latest ones, which means there is enough opportunity  to grab the growing market for Smartphone accessories.

Generally to say, these phone accessories is easy to source with small size and lower production costs. Popsocket is one of the representative phone accessories.

Starting a business around popsocket wholesale or popsocket drop shipping business comes with a variety of benefits:

Popsocket’s small size makes the storage and shipment easy

This phone holder has low manufacturing costs

Statistics indicate that most people will  upgrade their phone every 2 years, which would be a great chance to expand popsocket business.

We are the factory direct supplier that offer 100% high quality popsocket with cheapest price. Feel free to cooperate with us.

Popsocket + Instagram: How to Post Impressive Photos

popsocket wholesale

Popsocket, a phone grip to help you grap your phone more securely and take selfie much easier. This stylish phone holder is loved by fashionistas and celebrities.
In recent years, Pop Socket has been a pervasive fixture of mirror selfies in the Instagram feeds of those in-the-know. Therefore, you can see popsocket always appears in shots in the camera when people are taking a great selfie.
According to our customer, they highly prized the security and convenience that popsocket promised. By sticking a popsocket, you can take photo much more flexible without worrying about phone dropping down. Also, a cool popsocket in your selfie is always attracting a lot of attention: what is it on your phone’s reverse side?

Popsocket + Swarovski: Where Fashion, Tech and Luxury Meet

PopSockets Capsule Collection with Swarovski Crystals

On April 18, PopSockets LLC announced that new collection popsockets were launched, which is cooperate with Swarovski . The latter is a famous jewelry company  that has long been associated with luxury and style, especially in crystal jewelry.

Popsocket + Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks, is an innovative design element to create an ultra-sparkling effect on the surface of popsocket.

The PopSockets phone grip collection with Swarovski crystals is for the lover of all things glitz and glamour.  Now feel free to enjoy  Crystals Popsocket with cheap price, as low as $0.99.

Popsocket: Make Your Smart Phone Much Smarter

popsocket wholesale

Your cell phone is now called smart phone, is it really smart?  We usually listen to music, process social information, take selfie, answer emails by using our phone. The nature of phone is a kind of small computer which made sure that  we could do amazing things with it.

Now that we have had so useful smart device, how to make it much more convenient to use it? Popsocket would be the icing on the cake.  By using popsocket on the back of your phone, selfit taking, texting message with single hand or even making a call when driving is avaliable. Popsocket just free our hands with 100% security.

This rould plastic phone stand would offer great grip and a cool looking when using it. Besides, popsocket vaires in patterns and colors. You can easily your favorite one to match your cloth or bag.

Mount Your Phone On Dashboard While Driving


Seriously to say, it is very very dangerous to glance text messages, making calls with hand off the wheel when driving a car. But it is really hard to not use your phone while driving, most people always do like this (including myself).

Good news for us, this is a solvable problem with a car phone stand. You could mount cell phone on your dashboard or windshield.

With a pop-clip, your popsocket would be enabled to hang your phone on your dashboard, mirror, refrigerator, bed post, wall or locker – a tremendous convenience.

Popsocket + Qi Wireless Charger : Does It Still Work?

Will Qi wireless charger still work with a popsocket sticked on the back of my phone? We often receive emails about such questions. One of our customer wrote: ”I love how my phone feels with a popsocket, popsocket offers enough grip and cool look. Now I want to buy a wireless charger, I was wondering if the charger still work with a popsocket or a phone case?”

Google it and we could find many discussions about this question. However, there seemed to be no clear answer to this problem.

In general, most people believed that a phone case, or a popsocket or the combination of both would be a little thicker to use with a wireless charger. And we could also see the failure cases is much more than success ones online.

Why and how?

Since different QI chargers have different surface distance to charge ratios. You have to find one with the greatest distance for using a pop socket. According to the arriver, phone case and Qi charger should be close enough, and if using popsocket, it is recommended to paste popsocket as  near to the edge of phone case as possible. Which would greatly increases the probability.

Using a Popsocket with a Wireless Charger

Popsocket VS iRing, Which One You Like Better?

popsocket vs finger ring holder


Refer to the above picture, both Popsocket and ring holder are using high adhesive 3M-style adhesives, which could greatly avoid of phone dropping off.

Popsocket has three-level accordions. Finger ring stand adopts a 180°-rotation ring to achieve a full range of angles support.


The main difference of popsocket and ring holder is the shape and mechanism of your grip.

Which one do you like better? Popsocket is more stylish-looking, ring holder is small and delicate. Both of these two phone grips are available in our store. As low as 4.99 for individual purchase. Also coming with ugh discount for wholesale Popsockets and wholesale iRings. Feel free to visit our store for details.


Overview of PopSocket Usage

Already have a popsocket sticked on the back of your phone? No doubt that popsocket help you grip cell phone much more comfortably.

Popsocket is a great phone holder grip. But the usage of popsocket is so much more than that.

Found an interesting picture that provides a great overview of using popsocket. Let’s check it!

how to use popsocket

PopSocket: Creative Project at Kickstarter

David, the inventor of popsocket, at first wanted to solve tangled headphone wires problems. Then, bingo. popsocket is launched. This creative project is proved to be extremely successful at Kickstarter.

Effort was rewarded soon. Popsocket phone grips jumped exponentially.

Popsocket customer screamed: “I don’t know how to hold my phone without a popsocket”. “It seems weird my phone doesn’t have a popsocket”.

Not only the pop socket loyal fan is growing, pop socket online partners and off-line stores grows increase as well. If you are interested in sharing popsocket with people around you, or hold drop-shipping online. You are sooooo welcome!!! Just feel free to join us! (Please contact us for details)

The Reason I Need a PopSocket

I do really love popsocket. Found this popsocket wholesale store, with such a cheap price. I purchased wholesale 50pcs at once. Wow, fast delivery and all cool designs. I kept some, and split others with my friends. By the way, they all love them as well! Now we are kind of a popsocket team, lol.

Popsocket mainly helps me solve three problems.

#1 grip smartphone much better and take selfie much more easier, I would never need to worry about phone dropping down.

Imagine this: phone slips off hand* texting on the bed* *lands on face*  With a popsocket, this never gonna happen.


#2 wrap earphones,which also is the original intention that David invented popsockets. Not having to pull out all things in my bag just to find my little lipstick. Because earbuds–the chief culprits of bag-mess, has been wrapped around popsocket closely.

phone slips off hand?

3# Needless to say, popsocket helps me operate much more convenient when playing games.