Benefits of Popsocket

how touse popsocket

The benefits of using a popsoket:

•PopSocket sticks to the rear of your phone, tablet or case.
• May not work on silicone latest cases or new waterproof coatings.
• Works as a media symbolize your device or a foothold for picture taking or texting
• Use them over and over because the gel may be repositioned and is well rinsed
• Made from hard and soft plastic.

Simply in a word, popsocket is just free your hands when using a cellphone or tablet.

benefits of using popsocket
Custom PopSockets are a trendy and functional accent for electronic devices. This repositionable grip for cellphones and tablets expands and collapses by means of an accordion mechanism. The mechanism “pops” up whenever you wish to talk on the phone, text a friend, watch a video or get a far better grip on your phone, tablet or eReader. It’s easy to use as you merely click on it, and it’ll crop up to form the grip area.

Promoting Brands By Custom Own Logo Popsockets

What is the trendy promotional idea for event? Look no further than custom PopSockets, the hottest promotional products in 2018.

A popsocket is a grip holder attaches directly to the phone.This round contraption allows you to get a safe and convenient grip for holding the phone sing-handed, taking selfies.

ipad popsocket holder single handed

Popsocket Phone Grip Wholesale Custom Supplier

According to a research, everyday 86% of our time was taken up by our smartphones or ipads,which means we spent more than 4 hours on the phones. So putting your company logo on phone grip , your brand visibility is guaranteed to skyrocket.

Popsocket the product itself is also another guarantee as a promotional product. It is so useful that almost everyone like it. No worry about your logo products ending up in the trash after a trade show or any event. They are more like a must-to-have accessory.

In short, as a perfect advertising giveaways, a customized logo popsocket are sure to be a huge hit with the crowd, for orientation night, outdoor concerts, summer festivals, or technology trade shows. Order yours today!

*Please note: This adhesive phone stand is not recommended for leather products.

Custom Popsockets Cheap Price for iPhone Androids

popsocket for iPhone

Popsocket is so clearly visible. One of our customer emailed us that the logo popsockets he customized has delivered, and get a lot of comments on it among the colleagues. Besides, these cool popsockets printed with their company logo were picked up pretty quickly.

custom popsocket in bulk

Obviously, popsocket is such a unique phone accessories. When applying a popsocket on your phone, it always get a lot of attention.  In terms of popsocket itself, it is quiet a useful phone accessory.  I  mainly use it for watching videos. Besides, my popsocket also plays a role of Fidget Spinner as I have been used to spin my phone with popsocket, or pop it up and close  now and then. Just another pressure-relief toy, super cool!

how to use popsockets

Overall, popsocket is a great investment for your company. Whose  marketing value is far outweighs the cost with its own practicability and aesthetic.

Trend alert : Popsockets

PopSocket is a round adhesive accessory which pops out to give you a two-fingered grip.Thus you can  operate even a big screen single-handed.

popsockets grip to hold phone one hand

With is a wide assortment of colors and styles to choose from, you can find you favorite one easily. And you can also customize your own. (The photo below shows one I had made up for my business.) Prices range from $1.7 to $2.5 (around £1.4-£2).

custom your own personalized popsockets

buy lily popsockets cheap price

This summer ,having a PopSocket on the back of your iPhone has become a new trend. The popsockets selling ratings on Amazon average to around 4.2 stars, so it’s definitely a well-liked product.

In the first year of their business, PopSockets sold more than thirty thousand units domestically in U.S. In 2017,it kept growing up , and the data is 35 million Popsockets across 40 countries! It is really a  impressive growth, and they have no plans of slowing down.

popsocket cbulk cheap pricecustom your own personalized popsockets

how much are custom popsockets ?

A PopSocket is a expanding stand and phone grip that sticks to the back of your device, which is compatible with almost all the cell phones and tablets. Popsocket is useful hand-free accessory securely holds your phone while taking selfie or texting.

Here is is look at a custom popsockets we did for a football team .Just one look and let us know your story.



So how much does it cost to custom your logo popsocket ? Then answer is as low as under 2$. In the webiste,you will get a super good quality personalized pop holder and a fast shipping .

shut-up-popsocketHere is the price , for order quantity 100-199 pieces ,price will be 2.49usd per piece .For order quantity 200-499pieces ,price will be 2.09usd per piece.For order more than 500, price will be only 1.69usd per piece ,with all free express shipping .With a cheap price and super quality ,more and more popsockets uses choose to custom their own logo brand popsockets to boost business.

Boost Your Business with Custom Popsocket

custom popsocket cheap price

Why choose popsocket for business promotion? Because popsocket occupies a central position on the back of your phone. This small phone gadget can be used for phone daily grip, but also function as a phone stand when watching videos. Popsocket is just easily noticed by others.

As mentioned before, The number of elevator speech about my popsocket is no fewer than five times. Quite a few people are interested in this novelty phone grip, where it would be a great chance to promote your brand.

Imagine this, you put your brand logo on the popsocket, people stick it on their phone, which would be a greatly effective mobile advertisement.

At, you can custom popsocket from $1.49 or less depending on your quantity. Visit our store or contact us for more details.

How to Start a Phone Grip Business


It is no exaggeration to say that the number of mobile devices is far more than the number of people. People usually would replace with latest ones, which means there is enough opportunity  to grab the growing market for Smartphone accessories.

Generally to say, these phone accessories is easy to source with small size and lower production costs. Popsocket is one of the representative phone accessories.

Starting a business around popsocket wholesale or popsocket drop shipping business comes with a variety of benefits:

Popsocket’s small size makes the storage and shipment easy

This phone holder has low manufacturing costs

Statistics indicate that most people will  upgrade their phone every 2 years, which would be a great chance to expand popsocket business.

We are the factory direct supplier that offer 100% high quality popsocket with cheapest price. Feel free to cooperate with us.

Popsocket + Instagram: How to Post Impressive Photos

popsocket wholesale

Popsocket, a phone grip to help you grap your phone more securely and take selfie much easier. This stylish phone holder is loved by fashionistas and celebrities.
In recent years, Pop Socket has been a pervasive fixture of mirror selfies in the Instagram feeds of those in-the-know. Therefore, you can see popsocket always appears in shots in the camera when people are taking a great selfie.
According to our customer, they highly prized the security and convenience that popsocket promised. By sticking a popsocket, you can take photo much more flexible without worrying about phone dropping down. Also, a cool popsocket in your selfie is always attracting a lot of attention: what is it on your phone’s reverse side?

Popsocket + Swarovski: Where Fashion, Tech and Luxury Meet

PopSockets Capsule Collection with Swarovski Crystals

On April 18, PopSockets LLC announced that new collection popsockets were launched, which is cooperate with Swarovski . The latter is a famous jewelry company  that has long been associated with luxury and style, especially in crystal jewelry.

Popsocket + Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks, is an innovative design element to create an ultra-sparkling effect on the surface of popsocket.

The PopSockets phone grip collection with Swarovski crystals is for the lover of all things glitz and glamour.  Now feel free to enjoy  Crystals Popsocket with cheap price, as low as $0.99.

Popsocket: Make Your Smart Phone Much Smarter

popsocket wholesale

Your cell phone is now called smart phone, is it really smart?  We usually listen to music, process social information, take selfie, answer emails by using our phone. The nature of phone is a kind of small computer which made sure that  we could do amazing things with it.

Now that we have had so useful smart device, how to make it much more convenient to use it? Popsocket would be the icing on the cake.  By using popsocket on the back of your phone, selfit taking, texting message with single hand or even making a call when driving is avaliable. Popsocket just free our hands with 100% security.

This rould plastic phone stand would offer great grip and a cool looking when using it. Besides, popsocket vaires in patterns and colors. You can easily your favorite one to match your cloth or bag.