Benefits of Popsocket

how touse popsocket

The benefits of using a popsoket:

•PopSocket sticks to the rear of your phone, tablet or case.
• May not work on silicone latest cases or new waterproof coatings.
• Works as a media symbolize your device or a foothold for picture taking or texting
• Use them over and over because the gel may be repositioned and is well rinsed
• Made from hard and soft plastic.

Simply in a word, popsocket is just free your hands when using a cellphone or tablet.

benefits of using popsocket
Custom PopSockets are a trendy and functional accent for electronic devices. This repositionable grip for cellphones and tablets expands and collapses by means of an accordion mechanism. The mechanism “pops” up whenever you wish to talk on the phone, text a friend, watch a video or get a far better grip on your phone, tablet or eReader. It’s easy to use as you merely click on it, and it’ll crop up to form the grip area.