3 Gadgets for Hand Free Phone Stand

phone stand holder idea

Smart phone has been a part of our life, we use them everyday, to join in the social network, watch videos, take photos and so on. We also ways want to find some cool gadgets for our iphone, either to make it more beautiful or to make the daily operation more convenient.


The size of smart phones are gradually growing, even Iphone are abandoning their insist, and showing us their big Iphone X plus a 6 inch screen. How to hold on the big smart phones easily ?  Today we’ll picked out a selection of the “holder” that help you hold your phone easily.



Popsocket is really a great idea for the phone holder problem. It allows us to holder the big Phone with only two of our fingers, thus it will be so easy to operate our big phone single-handed. What’s more ,a popsocket not only works as a great finger holder, but it is also perfect for stand hold.

2.Finger Ringer Holder

A loop holder is another attachable accessory for phone holder, providing natural grip for the phone, just as popsockets, it also has variety of colors and shapes for your preference.

3.Case stand

iphone x case stand

A case with with the kickstand is also a good idea for phone holder, especially for us who can not live without a phone case. The case protects the phone, and the stand function is helpful for hand free video watching.